Friday, January 7, 2011

Top 10 ways to feel bad about yourself...

1) Visit on a regular basis... between Kristen Stewart's pin-thin legs and Victoria Secret Model's bikini candids, I can alway bet on losing my own self confidence when reading (especially the comments!).

2) Buying jeans, any girl over a size six will agree with me, buying jeans is the hatred of my life plus I'd rather be wearing leggings or yoga pants so I don't have to have my muffin top scream out of the pain of getting said jeans on.

3) Skinny friends. I love my skinny friends -- I really do-- but the problem is that they enjoy saying things like "Urgh, I'm so fat" which only makes me think if you're fat, am I off the charts? 

4) Photos. The truth is a real bitch sometimes.

5) "Have you lost weight?" Of course if you have actually LOST weight it's a boost but if you haven't or you've GAINED weight it makes you wonder: how FAT does she think I really am?

6) Eating in public. I don't eat junk food in public or really in front of anyone because I feel like their watching every thing I put in my mouth. I know what they're thinking "Why is she eating that?"

7) Weight loss shows (i.e. the biggest loser or X-wieghted)  because I know that directly after (or even while) watching a weight loss show I might have a binge session at the IDEA of losing weight. It scares me and makes me feel like a loser (and not the biggest loser kind of loser... a real kind of loser).

8) Strapless dresses. No one wants to see YOU in that.

9) Guys. I know I feel utterly uncomfortable around guys. I feel like the minute they see me they want to run the other way or make jokes at my expense when I'm out of ear shot.

10) Gyms. As a person who attends a gym some-what regularly or occasionally, I know watching someone run for an hour on the treadmill at 7.0 mph it makes me feel awful. I can't do that, I'm jealous.

I was having a down day and ran into ALL of the "top ten ways to feel bad about yourself" things and am feeling pretty shitty.

I hope you all are feeling good about yourselves,



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